Sanding & Refinishing

Floor sanding refinishing


Bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors with our professional floor sanding & refinishing services. Hardwood floors are a great choice of investment for your home and if your house has existing wood flooring that look old or in ‘bad shape’, there is no need to replace it with new wood flooring until the existing floor is properly inspected. Our team offers free inspection and estimates and our certified flooring refinishing team can help you transform your wood floors to their original, like-new condition, at half-the-time and half-the-cost of choosing to replace it with new flooring.

Your hardwood floors deserve a proper restoration and our company has the right tools and expertise in restoring them. We offer 99% dustless sanding and provide custom flooring options to meet and exceed your expectations.

Professional hardwood sanding and refinishing services in Metro Detroit, MI.