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When decorating your home, flooring is a major factor that you take into consideration. It is one of the focal points of your home and an important factor that completes the overall look of your home. Sometimes, the whole process can be quite stressful too. For that reason, we came up with this article to give you 11 flooring tips and tricks that will make your home transformation much easier and enjoyable.

1. Make your rooms seem bigger by creating continuity between your outdoor space and indoor space
Flooring ensures continuity between your garden and your interior if you have bi-fold doors or patio doors. When you close the doors, the similar-looking flooring on your patio and your living room will make space look much larger as it feels like it’s a whole space and not a divided one. You can use different colors if you’d like as long as the floors are aligned in the same way.

2. If you don’t want a wood floor, use ceramic tiles to imitate wood
If you want a floor that looks like wood, but it’s not wood, then we suggest you use ceramic tiles. These tiles come in different patterns and styles. They are ideal to imitate wood and give the interior of your home a beautiful look.

3. Make use of vinyl or grass to bring the outdoors in
If you want to bring the outdoors in, one obvious way would be to place plants inside the home. However, you can actually do something more than that by using your flooring. Vinyl flooring has elements of the outdoors that help create continuity between your outdoor space and indoor space. The design looks absolutely cool and it’s so worth considering!

4. Use Vinyl instead of Concrete to achieve an industrial look
Recently, the industrial trend has been quite popular with concrete floors. Many homeowners like the fact that it goes really well with the furniture and the other home accessories. However, it is suggested to use vinyl flooring instead of concrete to achieve the industrial look. That’s because vinyl flooring is much softer and warmer and it gives the exact same look as the concrete flooring does.

5. If you want to achieve a retro look, go for patterned ceramic tiles
If the retro look is in your preferences, then patterned ceramic tiles work amazingly well with industrial-style furniture to help you achieve the ever-popular retro trend. Ceramic tiles are suitable for every room and come in a variety of patterns, colors, and shapes to choose from. Basically, there are ceramic tiles for every style that you want to achieve.

6. Purchase monochrome tiles for a classic look
If you’re more of a person who likes a classic look, then monochrome tiles are the perfect choice for you. Usually, black and white tiles are the tiles most picked when it comes to this design. They easily make your home look like an outstanding space belonging to the Victorian era.

7. Get a shaker style by using reclaimed flooring
Wooden floors have always been popular among homeowners. They like the warmth and cozy feeling it gives to the house. However, lately reclaimed wood is being used more often for a unique look. With its natural textures, reclaimed wood surely does look like something so natural and beautiful. What’s more, it is also an environmental-friendly option.

8. Reclaimed wood isn’t necessarily floorboards
Reclaimed wood doesn’t have to be floorboards. In fact, you can use any wood for the unique design you want to achieve. That way, you can get reclaimed wood with the colors and patterns that you like the most.

9. Use parquet flooring for a colorful space
Colored parquet flooring is ideal if you have in plan to add colors to your home. This flooring gives the entire space a cozy, warm feeling. It’s even said that it can actually lift your mood! Just a bit of color here and there, and the entire room would look absolutely fantastic.

In case of any other tips that you may need in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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