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Getting the look and image of your business right is one of the most essential things. In today’s world, appearance is everything. Your product needs to stand out in order to win the hearts and minds of customers. That means that you need to take care of every single detail, including choosing the right flooring for the overall look of your business.

What’s good is that there are so many flooring options for you to choose from out there. This way, you can actually see how each material differs from one another and pick the one you find the most suitable for your business.

The most common flooring options for commercial use include solid wood, engineered wood, linoleum, tiling, and laminate. Here, we are going to describe each of them to give you a short introduction to all these different flooring options.

First, we start with wood flooring where we have two options: solid wood and engineered wood.

1. Solid Wood for Commercial Use
If you are planning to use solid wood flooring for your business, then oak, wenge or cumaru are the ideal options for you to pick from. You would want a durable, easy-to-maintain material, so solid wood can provide you just that. What’s more, it looks absolutely beautiful and matches perfectly the look of your business.

2. Engineered Wood for Commercial Use
Engineered wood is another great option for commercial premises. It has the advantage of resistance to fluctuations in temperatures and moisture which solid wood doesn’t exactly provide. So, if your business is in a setting that is prone to moisture or temperature fluctuations, we suggest you opt for engineered wood instead of solid wood.

3. Linoleum for Commercial Use
Linoleum is another material that can be used for commercial use. It usually comes in sheet form and it’s available in many different colors and patterns for you to choose from. It’s a material that’s really easy to clean and maintain and it looks really pretty once installed. In addition, it’s really cost-effective, which makes it an excellent option out there.

4. Tiling for Commercial Use
Tiling for commercial use comes in a choice of carpet, ceramic, or vinyl. Vinyl and ceramic have in common the fact that they’re both easy to maintain. However, some precaution needs to be taken as they can be slippery when they’re wet. On the other hand, carpet tiling used to be a very popular option back then. However, lately it has lost its popularity and people are choosing the tiling options more than this one.

As far as price is concerned, it can be said that vinyl and carpet flooring are more affordable. Ceramic tiling, on the other hand, requires a relatively bigger budget and it can be a bit more difficult to install.

5. Laminate for Commercial Use
Laminate flooring looks similar to real wood flooring and it’s not an expensive option. It can be a good choice for your business or project, but at the same time, keep in mind that laminate flooring can get worn very quickly. So, if you’re looking for a lasting flooring option, we suggest you consider the other ones that were mentioned above.


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