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You’re decorating your house and you’ve finally decided to use a wood flooring option. Of course, you want to choose the most durable wood flooring option out there, right? And that’s where you’re stuck, because you don’t know which one of the available options out there is the most durable one. Now, this is the moment where this article comes to your rescue. Read down below to find out more about the 10 most durable wood flooring options that you can choose from.

1. Oak Wood
Oak is a very common flooring type in United States. It’s a material that neither weak nor extremely hard; it’s basically somewhere in the middle. However, it’s a material so durable that can withstand almost everything! That’s why it’s considered as the most durable wood flooring option.

2. Hickory Wood
Hickory is a species that’s grown domestically. If you want a durable flooring with a lot of personality, then hickory is definitely the choice you must go for. As it comes in various patterns, it gives you the possibility to choose which one you love the most. What’s more, it’s extremely beautiful and unique.

3. Santos Mahogany Wood
Santos Mahogany is quite the exotic hardwood species. This durable flooring has a dark red color with a tight grain and it looks absolutely wonderful. If you want something that’s slightly harder that Hickory, then Santos Mahogany is the option to go.

4. Maple Wood
Maple wood is usually the species that’s used for basketball courts. As it’s quite strong and has shock-absorbing properties, maple wood is ideal those places. In addition, it features some light colors and light grains which make it an even more popular choice among customers.

5. Ebony Wood
Ebony flooring is an extremely strong, extremely black in appearance option. It’s actually the only wood in the world which features a jet black color. Because of its unique features, ebony flooring is very sought-after. Unfortunately though, the supply of ebony flooring is less than the demand for this option. However, if you’re lucky enough to find it available, then you’ve made the perfect choice!

6. Teak Wood
Teak is a very durable wood flooring. However, when it comes to hardness, it can be said that it’s not the hardest flooring out there. Teak has many natural oils and resins that make it water-resistant and give it a super glossy look.

7. Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) Wood
Cumaru, commonly known as Brazilian Teak, is a flooring material that’s absolutely strong and durable. However, these are the only qualities that it has. Cumaru flooring is very exotic and looks incredibly stunning in any kind of environment. What’s more, it’s really affordable compared to many other options that might cost you more than Cumaru.

8. Ash Wood
Ash flooring is the perfect choice for modern designs. As it features a light, stylish grain, ash flooring is a great option to give a beautiful look to your house or office.

9. Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) Wood
Jatoba, also known as Brazilian Cherry, is a really strong flooring. It features a beautiful, reddish-brown grain which always seems to win over customers’ hearts.

10. Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood)
Goncalo Alves, also known as Tigerwood, is another durable wood flooring option. You might now be wondering where the name tigerwood came from right? Well, to answer your question, this wood is called so because its beautiful grains appears in stripes of alternating colors which make it look so much like the stripes of a Bengal tiger!


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